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List of my articles on various aspects of the proposed Vehicle Area Levy or Tax



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6 February 2006

Economic Times

Unclog roads with a Vehicle Area Tax

Such a levy will unclog roads, bring down travel time and let people travel more. Total road fuel consumption and emissions may also fall. It is a win-win policy whose time, locally and globally, has come.

22 September 2006

IIM Bangalore Seminar

The Economics (and Politics) of a Vehicle Area Levy

6 April 2007

Business Line

Taking the load off the road

9 July 2007

Business Standard

Using roads efficiently: Isnít it high time?

With a stiff Vehicle Area Levy, the amount of road area that needs to be built for more travel will fall sharply.

25 February 2008

Economic Times

Public transport policy revisited

A stiff revenue neutral vehicle area annual levy (VAAL) combined with deregulation of commercial passenger vehicle sector will greatly increase transport for the public. 

15 May 2009


How best to save our trees

To prevent trees from getting axed,vehicle area must be highly taxed.

 4 August 2009


The walking class must protest

Roads should be built or widened only after meeting clearances for pedestrian area and safety.

 6 March 2010


Progress in an urban mess

The Delhi High Courtís directive that congestion charging be considered for private cars is a great leap forward in our urban transport policy.

18 November 2011

Financial Express

Tax vehicle area instead of petrol

30 January 2016

Indian Express

What Delhi Must Do Next



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